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Powertrain Engineering

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The coming decades will be marked by an unprecedented increase in mobility and transport demand.


This new market demand is coupled with unavoidable requirements such as respect for the environment (local and global pollution, noise pollution, safety) and an efficient use of energy resources.


Facing these new challenges, powertrains are of key importance. Current technologies must develop rapidly and technological breakthroughs are occurring all the time. New opportunities and future prospects are therefore open to engine designers.


The Powertrain Engineering program provides technical and multicultural training enabling you to be operational in all automotive industry fields related to powertrain development and integration.

The Powertrain Engineering program is a meeting place for young students from many countries who aspire to become specialists in the study, design and implementation of the entire drive train and its main components.

Increasingly complex working tools and methods, constantly tighter development deadlines and heightened quality requirements all bring about a strong need for international cooperation between the various industrial fields concerned (engine and powertrain manufacturers, electronics companies, component manufacturers, materials and energy suppliers, research laboratories, etc.).


Against this backdrop, this unique graduate program, giving you both cutting-edge technical skills and an overview of powertrain development, provides the best assets to make you engineers at the core of international cooperation, much sought after by industrial players in these various sectors.