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Energy and products

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Sustainable development has opened up a new era. The entire fuel production sector has rallied to support the cause, recognizing that the need to diversify is crucial to the future of transport and to meet the growing demand for mobility: renewable fuels derived from inherently agricultural resources, fuels produced by the synthesis of gas, coal and biomass.


The energy efficiency of every type of energy converter (engines, boilers, ovens, etc.) needs to be improved in order to limit the emissions of greenhouse gases. This quest for ever greater efficiency puts additional stresses on the energy product / energy converter pairing.


Lubricants need to be developed in compliance with environmental as well as energy efficiency requirements. The sustainability factor is thus a fully integral component of the training program dedicated to all these technologies.


The increasing diversity of products results in greater complexity in terms of the compatibility of materials used in converters. Technology must therefore adapt accordingly. Hence this “materials” factor is incorporated into the training program.


Gas, a promising fuel in terms of protecting the environment and reducing pollutant emissions, is also another important component of the program. In addition, the safety of users, manufacturers and  intermediary players needs to be guaranteed, implying more stringent specifications for energy products and their substitutes. Lifecycle analysis, environmental compatibility, reduction of toxicity to humans and waste recycling are all important issues demanding a high level of technological expertise, from source to final use.


The inclusion of a training module dedicated to marketing gives students considering a career in technical sales the opportunity to break into niche markets where the added technical value of a product is crucial to the supplier / customer relationship.


The Energy and Products program offers a platform for exchange for young students with a road variety of experience and scientific backgrounds.