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Master's degree in Universe, Environment, Ecology

As part of the research master's degree in Universe, Environment, Ecology offered by UPMC Paris 6, the "Lithosphere, Basins, Oil" program ("Geosciences" specialization) is intended for students who wish to further their knowledge in petroleum geoscience and sedimentary geology. 


The topics covered are processing and interpretation of seismic reflection data and well logs, understanding fluid displacement in porous media, analysis of sediments and tectonic structures, geodynamic evolution of sedimentary basins in their lithospheric environment and geochemistry of carbonaceous materials. These geoscience research topics involve the fields of natural resource exploration (water, oil, gas, etc.), environmental geology, and of course basic research.


Applications are to be made directly with UPMC Paris 6.


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Submit your application (UPMC Paris 6 website - in French only)