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Energy and Processes

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Driven by large-scale projects, environmental concerns, the technological challenges of the energy transition and the opening of markets to the competition, the oil refining and gas sectors are taking on a new, strategic dimension. These refining and gas process industries are thus confirming their innovative and highly competitive nature.


The Energy and Processes program is in line with this strong trend. We have designed a unique program spanning oil refining, the gas chain and the production of intermediates for petrochemicals.


Our courses cover all areas of industrial facility design and sizing, use, and operations optimization. In addition to the technical and economic skills and expertise, you will develop knowledge in safety and security, the environment, work methods, and inter-personal methods in multicultural business environments.


The Energy and Processes program offers you an overall vision of the energy industry. We give you the keys to become the true enablers of the energy transition. This openness of mind and of skills will bring you numerous career opportunities and will allow you to be involved in large-scale strategic projects. You will have a wide choice of professions in the largest international groups, in areas such as processes, operation, maintenance, scheduling and planning.


The expertise acquired in the Energy and Processes program is very broad. It can be easily adapted to a large number of other energy sectors such as field production, biomass upgrading, or the use of coal under environmentally satisfactory conditions.