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    • Olivier Massol, Scientific Assistant to the Director of IFP School, and Omer Rifaat, a graduate of the Master of Energy and Markets (class of 2015), have just co-authored the article "Phasing out the U.S. Federal Helium Reserve: Policy insights from a world helium model", published in the scientific journal Resource and Energy Economics.

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    Two projects by students from ‘Powertrain Engineering (PWT)’ and ‘Energy and powertrains (MOT)’ were presented at the 2017 SETC Conference in Jakarta

    November 21, 2017

    The 2017 edition of the International SETC (Small Engine Technology Conference) entitled ‘Small Engine Technology- Generating a Promising Future’, co-organised by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) and the JSAE (Japanese Society of Automotive Engineering), which each year brings together around 300 small engine specialists, took place in Jakarta from the 15th to 17th of November.

    Pierre Duret, Director or Powertrains and Sustainable Mobility at IFP School, and member of the Technical committee of organization for the SAE, presented  a paper entitled ‘Potential of a Production DI Two-Stroke Engine Adapted for Range Extender and Motorcycle Applications’ during the ‘Two-Stroke Engines’ session, with Stéphane Venturi and Antonio Sciarretta from IFP Energies Nouvelles and Nigel Foxhall and Walter Hinterberger from BRP-Rotax in Austria as co-authors.

    The objective of this paper was to present the results of two projects from the students of the PWT and MOT programs, carried out in 2016 during the course of their schooling. These projects were responding to an industrial demand from BRP-Rotax to study the feasibility of using their two-stroke snow scooter engine for direct fuel injection firstly as a ‘range extender’ for electric vehicles, and secondly for motorcycle application.

    Congratulations to Wassim HARB, Pierre LEMARIE, Arnaud LEURET and Edgar ZAHONERO of PWT 2016, who contributed to the range extender for electric vehicles project, and to Zélia GOUX, Yannick MORENO, Bruno RS DE CAMARGO and Edouard SUILLAUD of MOT 2016 who contributed to the motorcycle project, and whose quality of work allowed for IFP School to be represented at this international event.

    > Download the presentation: "Potential of a Production DI Two-Stroke Engine Adapted for Range Extender and Motorcycle Applications" (PDF - 1.2 Mo)