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    • Olivier Massol, Scientific Assistant to the Director of IFP School, and Omer Rifaat, a graduate of the Master of Energy and Markets (class of 2015), have just co-authored the article "Phasing out the U.S. Federal Helium Reserve: Policy insights from a world helium model", published in the scientific journal Resource and Energy Economics.

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    1st event in London for IFP School’s UK Alumni

    May 30, 2017

    Further to IFP School Sustainable Mobility Director Pierre Duret's initiative to improve the Alumni network, Alexandre Charr (PWT 2012) and Jérôme Mortal (MOT 2000) took the lead to organize on Saturday 6th May the first UK Alumni event with around 20 IFP School graduates working around the United Kingdom.

    Pierre Duret made the journey to represent IFP School at the event which took place in London (Paddington) where the Alumni had the opportunity to share their own (variously uncanny!) experience of UK integration.

    The gathering ended with a pledge to set up 1 or 2 events per year and improve this already solid network.

    Our thanks go to Pierre Duret for this excellent initiative, and to all attendees for having made this event a success.


    On photo from left to right: Edwin GALLINO-ZAM, JLR (Jaguar Land Rover), PhD IFPEN 2012; Alexandre CHARR, JLR, PWT 2012; Olga BUDAEVA, AFTON, PRO 2012; Zakir AHMED, AVL UK, PWT 2011; Houcem ABBASSI, JLR, MOT 2012; Gregory PLANCHE, JLR, MCI 2013; Aajay SANKAR, AVL UK, PWT 2013; Cristiano VERONA, AVL UK, MOT 2007; Anne-Lise GUILMIN, Schlumberger, PhD IFPEN 2012; Jérôme MORTAL, JLR, MOT 2000; MORTAL Junior, future IFP School?!; Pierre DURET; Emmanouil FANTEL, Ford, PWT 2013; Xavien DEMEULENAERE, Ford, MOT 2010; Konstantinos FATISIS, JLR, PWT 2014.