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Specialized Master's "Petroleum Data Management"

For the 2016 term, IFP School launched, jointly with the Ecole nationale des sciences géographiques (ENSG), renowned for its expertise in geomatics, a brand new training program, unique and innovative for the energy sector, in the field of Petroleum Data Management (PDM).

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The program allows to graduate with a Specialized Master's degree, accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.


Objectives and skills
Program schedule
Program content


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Objectives and skills


This program was devised as an answer to the challenges set by the data revolution occurring in many industrial areas and which is opening new perspectives in the exploitation of natural resources.

Indeed, data management is a sector in full bloom that requires the use of adapted methods and tools that can successfully cover:

  • the steady increase in data,
  • the cost of their acquisition,
  • the importance of mastering data over time,
  • the preservation of legacy knowledge.


The objective of this program is to train specialists who are able to manage (i.e. use, organize, integrate and preserve) the entire amount of acquired data in the field of natural resource exploration and exploitation, in particular of oil, natural gas and water.


This data is strategic because of its high legacy and economic value, but it is also heterogeneous, complex and voluminous. The industry therefore needs engineers who can develop increasingly sophisticated applications and tools so as to sort, analyze and stock this data.


In order to properly master this data, the students in the program need to acquire certain skills in the following areas:

- the acquisition, processing and interpretation chain of georeferenced data used in the exploitation of subsurface resources;

- the methods of sorting, organizing, stocking, analyzing, preserving the data by using state-of-the-art IT tools and software;

- the creation and management of EP model and data base architecture;

- the management methods of IT projects essential to master the chain of data and its governance.





In keeping with the requirements in data management, a new profession has made its appearance:

  • Careers in data management have developed into a genuine challenge for all the companies in the oil and gas industry worldwide (international, national and service companies).
  • These are jobs that are developing fast within these companies, to name but a few: Petroleum data manager, Geoinformation engineer, Data management supervisor, Geosciences data architect, Data quality management engineer, or EP data analyst.
  •  These emerging jobs complete and back traditional professions (geologist, geophysicist, reservoir engineer, driller, field development engineer, project engineer). They lead to solid skill diversification in the field of exploration-production.



Program schedule


The program, taught in English, lasts 11 months and includes 660 hours of full-time training over 7 months, followed by at least 4 months internship in a company.




It is divided into five modules, and taught on two campuses: at IFP School (Rueil-Malmaison) and at ENSG (Champs sur Marne).






• Module 1 « E&P Data and Workflow » provides the required knowledge on the data and techniques used in the exploration and production (EP) of natural resources.
• Module 2 « Georeferenced Data and Geomatics » teaches both the characteristics of georeferenced data and the techniques of geomatics. 

• Module 3 « Data Management Methods » is dedicated to the acquirement of data management methods, i.e. data quality and security control, data models and architecture. Data mining, data science and big data will be covered towards the end of the module.

• Module 4 « Information Technologies/Information services for Data Management » deals with the various software and tools linked to IT and Information services applied to data management.

• Module 5 « Final Project » addresses project management and leads to the execution of a collaborative final project that simulates a topical issue and places the teams in professional situations





Program content







This program is open to candidates having an engineering or Masters degree in:

  • geosciences or reservoir engineering,
  • drilling or production technologies,
  • geomatics and GIS technologies,
  • information technologies.


Young professionals from International Oil Companies (IOC), National Oil Companies (NOC), service companies, Ministries, etc., may apply for the program.

The students could be sponsored by partner companies of IFP School and/or ENSG, that would contribute towards their tuition fees.


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