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Energy and powertrains

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Our world is changing constantly. Facing increasing demand for mobility and related transport, tomorrow’s professionals will have to rise to a myriad of challenges, especially as they include societal issues such as cutting CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, changes and breakthroughs in powertrain technology (alternative hybrid and drive systems) and resource diversification (alternative energies), etc.


Engine designers are committed to finding increasingly environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solutions against a fiercely competitive global backdrop, while continuing to improve existing systems.


The Energy and Powertrains program designed in cooperation with our industrial partners changes along with their requirements. It therefore provides you with training in step with market development. The program constantly adapts to new technologies and new development methods. You will further your skills in each field and gain an overall understanding of the entire engine development chain.


Our ambition is to make you operational upon completion of your training. To achieve this, IFP School provides outstanding experiment resources (engine test benches, components and vehicles, modeling means, etc.), enabling you to work in conditions matching those in industry.


Through the Energy and Powertrains program, you will secure knowledge and recognition of industry, opening onto a wide range of professions and providing access to a network of key contacts. Your operational skills will lead you to use your expertise in vehicle and component manufacturing firms, energy suppliers, and R&D and engineering centers.