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Petroleum Engineering and Project Development

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Regardless of the ups and downs in the world energy situation, our needs in hydrocarbons are increasing steadily, driven in particular by the transport sector. Controlling and optimizing oil and gas production have therefore become strategic issues.


To meet this growing demand and cope with the decline in reservoirs that are already producing, the professionals of tomorrow will need to find solutions to optimize production, increase the oil and gas recovery rate, and gain access to and exploit new resources. Engineers will be a driving force for innovating, rolling out large projects with complex organizations, optimizing drilling and ramping up production.


Future oil and gas facilities will be built in a wide range of environments: very large-scale projects, deep seabeds, reservoirs in extreme conditions, heavy and extra-heavy oils, etc. In all these projects, the environmental and societal impacts must be controlled, as part of a rational economic framework.


The Petroleum Engineering and Project Development program offers an overall vision of field development and training in the three fundamental areas of expertise in the sector: reservoir, drilling and production. You will become an open-minded professional for whom innovation will be a mission and the world your realm of expression.


To help you succeed, IFP School offers training in modules that cover the three key areas. During your training, you will lead a major field development project using real data and working in teams. At IFP School, we give you the tools to achieve your goals: case studies using real data from the field, work in multicultural project teams with industrial supervision, experience with industry-specific software, and site visits in producing countries.


By covering the three key fields – reservoir, drilling and production – the Petroleum Engineering and Project Development program prepares you for the engineering, project and technical management professions. You will find your natural place with an oil or gas operator or an oil supply service company (service or engineering firm). You will be able to work in an international environment on cross-cutting and multicultural teams that require high technical and geographic mobility.




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